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Styling a Tee-Shirt Dress

The Tee Shirt dress is the it dress for summer! It is so easy to slip on and go and the styling possibilities are endless. I love that they are versatile and can be dressed up or down. I love the ease of a simple dress in the summer, but I love being able to play around with layers, accessories and shoes even more. Having the ability to take one piece and create many different looks is one of my favorite things ever!

Some things you can add to a tee shirt dress to change it up:

Jewelry - long necklaces, chokers, layered necklaces, statement earrings, fun rings and bracelets can change the vibe of your outfit

Bags - I am so into straw bags this season and whether big or small, clutch or cross-body a straw bag definitely screams summer to me! I also love using a belt bag with a tee shirt dress because it helps to define the waist and it's functional!

Belts - adding a belt to a tee shirt dress can help to define the waist and add a textured element to an otherwise simple look. I love leather belts, but finding a long scarf and tying it around your waist or a woven textured belt is also a great look!

Layers - adding a cardigan, a blazer, a vest, or even a tee shirt over a dress can really elevate your style. If you add a tee over a dress, consider adding a belt, a belt bag or twisting it in a knot to avoid looking too boxy. Here's a great fashion hack - if your tee shirt is too short to knot, grab a clear hair elastic and use that to make a knot effect! I also love using a chambray top to tie around my waist. It breaks up the lines of straight dress, and if the AC is too cold, you can actually wear it for warmth!

Hair Accessories - With headbands being on trend, this is an easy one to add. Whether a fancy pearl and velvet headband or a woven raffia one, headbands are a great easy accessory. I also love scarves - Madewell makes my favorite. You can use the scarf around a pony or tied as a headband too. Pearl clips, acetate barrettes and decorative bobby pins also add a fun twist to any look.

Hats - I love a good baseball cap, especially on days I haven't washed my hair! If I want to make the look beachier, I reach for a straw sun hat. Feeling more edgy, grab a fedora!

Below I've linked some of my recommendations for simple black tee shirt dresses. The one I am wearing in my looks was a thrifted dress from JCrew. I picked mine up for $5 at Unique Thrift Store!

Thank you for reading! Some of the links in my blog post may be affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and order, I may receive a small commission. Using my links means a great deal to me and I appreciate your support so very much!

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