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White Denim

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Styling white denim can be fun year round - but I am especially drawn to the crisp white of jeans, shorts or even a skirt during the warmer weather. Something about a pair of white jeans just screams beach or bbq to me. However, styled the right way, white jeans can work for the office or even a date night.

Some things to consider when shopping for white jeans...

-Be aware of opaqueness - white pants can be see through and no one wants that! I can't stand when pockets are visible through a pair of white jeans! A higher price point typically means a thicker denim, and therefor, not see through! Even if you do find a thicker pair of denim, you still need to be particularly careful with undergarments when wearing white. Either a seam free panty, a thong or shapewear can be best with white jeans.

-Fit matters! If you wear white jeans that are too tight, trust me, they will show every dimple and divet in your thighs! I have no problem with my dimples - I just don't need them magnified through my jeans! In the same regard, if your white denim is too loose they can start to look like "nurse" pants. You want to find a structured pair of white jeans. Some cuts I love are straight leg, skinny, wide leg, cropped and high-waisted.

-Consider the shoes you wear with white denim. I prefer a nude shoe as it can elongate the line of the leg and being 5'2" I can use all the elongating I can get! I also find a colored shoe with white denim can really add a pop of fun. The only shoe I avoid with white is white. I tend to fell like I end up looking like a nurse! A slim sandal, pointed toe or wedge can make the legs appear taller!

What to pair with white denim -

Really the sky is the limit. I love blue and chambray with white as it brings that classic beach vibe I love to an outfit. If you are self-conscious about the lower half of your body, wearing something darker on top, may actually not be the best idea. If the top half is slimmed with a black top for example, it can actually make the lower half in white appear bigger. I love a good monochromatic look and all white is so chic! Whether its variations of white and beige or all the same tone, it always looks elegant!

I think white is also the perfect backdrop to let other more vibrant colors shine. Consider a statement earring, a fun colorful shoe and you are good to go!

A fun pink shoe, an orange bag, a statement earring - do them all, do one, but do pair them with white denim!

Don't be afraid of white denim, they really are a great staple for your wardrobe. The perfect pair is out there waiting for you!

Abercrombie & Fitch has some of my favorite white denim. I especially love that they come in petite length!

These white denim from Levi's are another great find! The ribcage high waist ankle straight is a very on trend style. If you have a short torso, these may not work for you. But the high waist is super flattering if you can pull it off!

Madewell is a wonderful place to buy denim. Their jeans are so well made and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. I love that they have petite but they also have, tall and taller inseams. They have a variety of rises, my favorite is the 9" high rise.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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