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Amazon Fashion for you!

Amazon is a source for virtually everything and anything you can imagine. I was always hesitant to try fashion items from Amazon and...

Why you should try a 20x20 Capsule

This past year I have been so inspired following influencers on instagram that are promoting a more conscious way of building a wardrobe....

White Denim

Styling white denim can be fun year round - but I am especially drawn to the crisp white of jeans, shorts or even a skirt during the...

TOP TEN Fashion tips for PETITES

Let's start with the deets...I'm 5'2" therefore I qualify as a petite. Technically anyone under 5'4" is thought of as petite. Height is...

Top Ten Thrifting Tips!

Go often - thrift stores are constantly getting donations and going often allows you to find all the good pieces. You may have days that...


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