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Product Acceptance Disclaimer for @jaimebethblog:

My goal is to share and promote amazing products and companies to my followers. As such, I am always grateful for a collaborative opportunity, which provides me with a steady supply of products to test out and talk about.

While I am committed to being a good partner to the brands I work with, please know that my primary obligation is to my audience. Therefore, know that I will always be honest but fair in my public reviews/feedback, highlighting both pros and cons as I see them. Accordingly, I require time to test out all products prior to sharing, and given the large number of products I receive, I cannot always agree to a quick timeframe. Relatedly, I won’t commit to sharing multiple posts of your product, unless a pay rate is agrreed upon upfront.

Furthermore, my acceptance of your product does not guarantee it will be featured on my Instagram account or blog. It is always my intention to share all products I receive, but in certain circumstances, I may choose to decline to share if I find considerable fault with the item provided. In this instance, I will contact you to discuss my concerns.

I will not be responsible for returning an item I choose to not promote. By sending me the product, you understand and agree that I will not be responsible for returning the product under any circumstance.

I commit to always sharing tasteful, professional content that reflects well on both me and the brands featured. Please review my Instagram feed so you know what kind of content to expect. I retain full creative control and rights over the produced content, although I am always open to hearing your suggestions if it specifically aligns with the nature of the product or a particular marketing campaign. If my images or vidoes are being used to promote your brand, additional copensation is required. I also require that my handle is visbily tagged in all usage.

In the end, please know that I want to love and promote your product. Nothing makes me happier than sharing something wonderful with my followers. I love working with great companies and helping them to grow through positive brand exposure. While my primary commitment is to being an honest resource for my audience, I am also committed to building and maintaining relationships with brands I respect and support.

I thank you again for contacting me and look forward to working together. ReplyForward

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