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One base, three looks

Sometimes all you need is a good foundation! When you find basics you love, begin there and the possibilities become endless. My base here is a pair of faux leather pants, and an off white camisole. This could easily be swapped out for some black denim and a white tee or some blue jeans and a white button down! Choose any two basics you love!

A casual mom on the go, weekenmd vibe! I love pairing my converse with these faux leather pants for a relaxed mood. I layered this Jenni Kayne inspired cardigan that add warmth and coziness. My Everlane tote and Diff sunglasses finish off this look.

Keeping the base as the star of this look made for an easy date night look. Accessories are what makes this look. The block heels, simple clutch and chunky necklace and earrings are among some of my favorite pieces for making any outfit seem a bit more elevated.

Let's take this base and make it work ready! Yes you can wear faux leather to work, as long as you give it a more professional style. I added this affordable oversized blazer, loafers and work bag and I'm ready for the office.

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