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10x10 Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

January 4th - January 14th 2021 I participated in #newyearnew10x10 hosted by @tanjrode. Last year I participated in a 20x20 challenge (link to post) to kick off 2020 and it was the start of my Instagram page. The challenge taught me so much, but I felt 20 days was a bit too much. The truth is, I like getting dressed and choosing pieces. For some doing a capsule wardrobe eliminates decision fatigue and I absolutely see the value in that.


There are many reasons for doing a 10x10 or a seasonal capsule wardrobe. Here are some that might be motivation for you:

Eliminate decision fatigue

Do you struggle to get choose your outfits each morning? Do you stare at your wardrobe and feel like you just don't know what to pick? By spending some time prior to the challenge to really look at what you have and how the pieces you already own can work together, you set aside those pieces and can only choose from them. So when you get up and get dressed, in stead of looking at a full closet, you are looking at a small curated selection, making the decision about what to wear easier!

Shop your closet

Are you an impulse shopper? Are you easily persuaded to add to cart? I know this is a real challenge for me. I love to shop, I love fashion and sales. For me getting the next good deal or great sweater is euphoric. It is a way I find joy, but that sometimes leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't want to be the person who fills an empty vessel with more stuff. I need a reset badly right about now. So this challenge is a way to reset my over shopping and spending. It allows me to slow down and appreciate what I have. During the ten days, and the rest of this month I am putting in an effort to buy only what I need. Anything I see that looks like an item I "want" will go on a wish list. Come February, if I'm still thinking of the item then I'll consider buying it, but only it it's something that fulfills a need too! Spending time with the closet you have is a great way to appreciate it more!

Personal Style

By picking the pieces you truly love and won't mind repeating over the course of your 10 days, it really helps you hone in on your personal style. Did the items you gravitated toward lean toward preppy, edgy, casual or classic? I personally feel like my style is a mixture. I chose pieces that can veer in several directions depending on my mood for the day. Some days I was more preppy, other days more edgy. That truly is my personal style.

The power of accessories

I love the way changing jewelry, a bag, a headband, a belt can all alter a look and make it have that little extra to go from simple to extra! For this challenge, I did not include any accessories. I did not count coats or shoes either, which many others do. I felt like I needed to allow myself the creativity that all accessories could provide. There really is no right or wrong way to do a capsule, but if your goal is minimal, you may choose to only wear the 10 pieces selected and include coats and shoes. If for example, I were doing a capsule for a trip, I would probably include these items in my 10 pieces to limit myself.


In our consumer based world we often purchase without intention. By doing a capsule we are more intentional about the pieces we wear. We can look at where the gaps our in our closet and think about how to best fill them with more quality sustainable pieces. It lends itself to a wardrobe of FAVORITE pieces, not necessarily the most trendy or perfect, just pieces that speak to you!

More Resources

If the idea of a capsule closet intrigues you, I recommend checking out Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee who created the 10x10 challenge back in 2015. Her site has great inspiration for anyone looking for a more minimal wardrobe.

Another resource is Anna of The Anna Edit

Here are the 10 looks I created using just 10 pieces. I would absolutely do this again!

A quick analysis of the pieces chosen for my capsule

Gray denim = Madewell - thrifted

Blue denim = Target

Black sweatpants = Target

Wide Leg Cropped tan pants = Old Navy

Dress = Old Navy

Gray cardigan = JCrew

Cream cardigan = Amazon

White Tee = Target

Striped Shirt = JCrew - thrifted

Black Sweater = JCrew Factory

20% of all items were thrifted

Original Place of purchase:

30% JCrew

30% Target

10% Amazon

20% Old Navy

10% Madewell

What I found interesting is this is probably a pretty fair reflection of my full closet. I would say 20% is thrifted or second hand items and the break down of stores is pretty accurate too! Go pick ten of your favorite pieces from your closet and see where they are from - such a eye opening experience!

This post contains affiliate links. If you shop through

my link I may earn a small commission. I am so

grateful for your support of this page.

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