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An Honest Review Of CHICWISH...from a petite 45 year old!

Chicwish is an online Asian company started in 2011. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Chicwish and wanted to share my honest opinion with you. When I work with a brand, I hope that I can provide you a glimpse into what their products are like so I can be a good resource to you!

Shipping & Returns

Because this is an overseas brand, you can expect a slower shipping speed. However, most of my items arrived within ten days of ordering. A feature I appreciate is that they offer free standard shipping to all countries on orders over $50. As someone who has gotten spoiled by Amazon Prime free shipping - I do wish they offered free shipping on all orders, as you may not want to actually spend $50. If items need to be exchanged, they do offer free exchanges using their pre-paid return labels. Returns need to be done within 30 days of purchase. For US customers, they provide a shipping label to you for your return and the shipping label cost of $8 will be deducted from your refund payment. There is a special currently allowing free returns - it is unclear if this is a new policy or a short-term offer. I do hope it lasts, because having to pay for returns is super annoying!


Prices range from $29 to $129. While some of their items are a bit spendy, I do feel as though it is reflected in their quality. They often have discounts on their products - so if you see something you like, check back often in order to score the best deal. Most dresses are around the $70 price point, tops and skirts around $50, sweaters $60. For the quality, I don’t think that’s bad. However, if you are a bargain shopper and frequent Old Navy and Target for your dresses this may seem a bit steep. But if you are looking for unique and feminine- it’s worth a look for sure!

Fit & Style

I was so pleased with the fit of the items I ordered. Even the dresses and skirts, which, being petite I often struggle with being too long. These items fit really well. The sweaters I ordered were large, but that was how the style was intended. I do wish they offered petite clothing and plus size options to be more inclusive. Chicwish only goes up to XXXL and not in every style. Their version of XL is only a size 10 so that’s odd! I do recommend using their fit guides and measurements prior to ordering. They also have tons of reviews on their site so be sure to read through them to get clarification whether an item is true to size. They offer a reward system to gain reviews, you will earn 100 store credit points (worth $10) for each published review. (Up to 3 reviews, 300 points). I do find this reward system to ensure that their items are being evaluated by actual paying customers giving you the buyer the inside scoop!

Overall Opinion

If you are a fan of dresses and unique pieces, Chicwish is the place to go! Their dress selection is amazing. I also think they have the best pieces if you are doing family photos or have an event to go to. I adore the mommy and me pieces they have added to their selections. Unfortunately, my baby girl is now 19, so I’m past that stage, but if you have a little one these are so adorable. Matching sweaters and even swimwear are just darling. They have added lounge wear, athleisure and swim to their collections and I’d love to try those next!

Overall, I recommend this brand if you are looking for unique feminine pieces that are dressy. If you are more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, this isn’t the store for you. However, if you have an event and you’d like something unique - be sure to check out Chicwish!

Items on my Wish List:

This post uses affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission for items purchased at no additional cost to you. As always I appreciate it so much when you do use my links to shop!

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