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Back to school wardrobe for little boys!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

My youngest, Owen, has started Pre-K this year and I know the days of me having any say in his wardrobe are dwindling. My older two kids started getting very opinionated about their clothing by around kindergarten. I have vivid memories of my daughter having meltdowns before school when she didn't have purple shoes to match her purple twirly skirt! Or my older son getting apocalyptic at me suggesting he wear anything that wasn't athletic wear because god forbid he be "handsome!"

So while it's still, somewhat, in my control I am going to enjoy every minute of putting together little man's fall back to school wardrobe. I tend to think of his closet as a capsule. Pieces should easily mix and match because he does prefer to pick out what he will put on each morning. This gives him greater control and independence, while I am assured he won't look crazy, because the pieces I buy coordinate pretty well no matter how they are paired up.

I try to make sure his bottoms are comfy - no zippers or buttons which make rushed potty breaks too difficult. The colors I choose are usually - black, gray, olive, denim, tan, navy.

I typically only buy him 1-2 pairs of shoes each school year, unless he outgrows or destroys a pair. Usually that's one pair of athletic sneakers and one pair that are a little nicer, but still a casual shoe.

Tops are simple long sleeve tees, sweatshirts and a few sweaters. I'm not much for cutesy graphics and its hard to avoid that in kids clothes. Not every kid wants a skateboarding dinosaur on their chest!

Old Navy is always a win for basic kids clothes. Their prices are great and their sales make them even better! The pieces may not be the greatest quality but they have always lasted us the duration of time we need them too! If you have kids you are passing clothes on to, Old Navy may not be your number one pick as the pieces can show signs wear more heavily. For this collage I went with a casual skater vibe!

Nordstrom has some amazing pieces for littles. The prices might be higher, but with that the quality also increases. I try to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to stock up on quality staples. I've grabbed Nike's, Northface coats and pj's for good prices during the sales. For my middle schooler, brands started to matter - so it's Nike all the way for him right now! For this collage I went with a sportier vibe!

Some items have sold out so I have linked similar styles

Zara is the place to go for unique trendy and hip kids clothes. Their color pallets are always on point and the fabrics are so good. For this collage I went with a bit of a safari vibe!

jacket / bucket hat / hooded yellow sweater / hooded gray sweater / striped sweatshirt / beige sweatshirt / coral striped shirt / coral sweatshirt / dino tee/ gray joggers /beige joggers/ pull on denim/ sneakers

I am unable to directly link these but if you use this link zara boy it will take you directly to the boys clothing at

Oh Target, you always take all my money!

I love the Cat & Jack line at Target for their versatility. So many pieces fit my capsule plan. The quality is good, the prices fantastic! The Cat & Jack line also has a one year warranty, so that if your item tears or wears out you can return it or exchange it for a new piece!

Last stop H&M kids! Love the trendy vibes from H&M. They often have deals where you buy 2 get one free on basics or sometimes they sell a set of two tops together which makes filling up a closet much easier. I love their sweaters and accessories.

henley / jacket / sneakers / striped shirt / hat / yellow sweater / cardigan / pants / vest

My little man loves all his new school clothes! Here's to a great year of school buddy!

Lookl 1: top / jersey joggers / shoes

Look 2: hoodie / pants / shoes

Look 3: top / denim / vest (similar) / shoes

I am using affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase through one of the links I have provided, I may earn a small commission. If you use my links, I am so very grateful.

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