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CLOSET Organization part 2

*This post contains affiliate links*

In a previous post, I reviewed my own closet organization, you can read that post here.

So you tackled your closet - that was a lot but there are likely still other closets in your house. So let’s focus on those this week!


This one is always hard for me because I get so emotional over the fact that my kids are growing so fast! But they do keep growing! There are kid consignment shops in my area and while they don’t take much per item, I recently brought a box of clothes, got $29 credit and purchased several shorts and tops in the next size for my son, without spending a penny. You could also consider selling on kidizen a reselling site specifically for kids clothing. Early in the season is the time to start stocking up on kids clothes, if you wait too long the stores will sell out. I prefer to get my 5 year old comfortable, elastic waist shorts and basic tees so he can mix and match and dress himself without looking like a clown! My tween is much pickier about what he wears but luckily he has some friends that are much bigger than him that pass on their hand me downs and we really only have to buy him a few new pieces each season.

My 5 year old really only uses a dresser, I found through my other kiddos that hangers and toddlers just don’t really mix well. My 12 year old is pretty similar. We hang his nicer pieces that he rarely wears and most of his clothes are in his dresser. He does have a hanging organizer in his closet that is used to keep his sports uniforms organized.

When I was pregnant with my firs t child, and was inundated with baby clothes, I used these clothing size dividers that helped to organize the pieces that fit now and those that would fit later. Even if you use these tags in baskets or drawers they are a great way to keep track of what sizes you have as well as those you need.


Oh how I love my winter coats! But boy do I have too many! I got some great deals this year on some amazing jackets like this one. Before I pack my coats away, I need to really evaluate whether I need to hang on to the older jackets I did not reach for this year. We have a rack in our basement that we store winter coats on so those I’m holding onto will go down there and our coat closet will be for spring jackets. This is also the time to pack away the scarves, hats, mittens etc We have a big straw basket with a lid we keep these items in, and every spring I swap out the winter accessories with the summer towels, goggles and sunscreen. Also, if you're anything like me, sometimes that coat closet becomes a catchall for random things that do not belong there. Time to empty the closet, find homes for the random things and hang those spring jackets.


Every spring I switch out my bedding. I love flannel sheets and fluffy duvets and cuddly throw blankets in the winter but come spring I love to switch to crisp cotton sheets and lighter colors. This is a great time to check on the status of that linen closet. We keep towels, bedding and cleaning supplies in our closet and it’s not that big. So I like to check what’s there and get rid of damaged items. Pillow cases that have a tear, washcloths that have seen better days - say goodbye. Many animal shelters accept donations of towels and bedding to use in kennels so consider them when getting rid of these items. As a general rule of thumb I really only keep two sets of sheets per bed in our house. We have a queen, a full, a king and a twin bed so that’s 8 sets - no need for more!

If you keep medications or beauty products in your linen closet, I suggest checking expiration dates. I can almost guarantee you have something that should be disposed of! I always recommend grouping like items together. I keep my washcloths, hand towels, bath towels etc all grouped together. We use baskets to corral smaller items like extra toothbrushes, razors or vitamins. Folding towels in a consistent manner and having them face the same way is so satisfying! We’ve also started moving towards all white linens and towels. They are so much more visually pleasing and can easily be cleaned and brightened with bleach if necessary.

Here are some great inspiration pictures and blog posts for your closets:

Sarah Joy has a small linen closet but made it look fabulous. Check out her post HERE

Kellynan has a great post on her organized linen closet. Check her out here!

Tamara Anka has great linen closet inspiration here.

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