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Should You Try a Petite Style Box? Short Story Review

If you are under 5’4” and struggle to find well fitting clothes, my answer, in short, is a resounding YES!

Slide through to see how I styled the five pieces from my box.

In my box I received (in order of image)

1 turtleneck pullover

1 Ava black satin skirt

1 ultra lightweight quilted padded zip up jacket

1 navy perfect button down blouse

1 pair Mai front seam knit black pants

I am 5’2” and love clothes, shopping and trying new fashion. I have tried many style boxes in the past and while I have had some great results, it can be challenging when other services do not offer petite sizing. So while tops and some dresses might work from say Stitch Fix or Teacher Style Box, I rarely tried pants or jackets which really are a struggle to find being petite. While retailers are doing better about offering petite sizing - rarely do they offer it in store. So if you want to try petite pants from Abercrombie, Ann Taylor or Jcrew - you have to order online, and try many different styles hoping for success. With this box, you know each item is made for your body type and a stylist is doing all the work to find what will match your lifestyle needs.

How Does Short Story Work?

If you’ve tried other subscription boxes, the process is quite similar. ONce on their website you can take a style quiz. Answer all the questions honestly and in as much detail as you can. Be sure to provide measurements to help your stylist pick your size accurately. I do find that petite sizes can run small. So for example, at Ann Taylor I can wear a regular 4 but in petite I have to size up to the 6 petite for a similar fit. Just keep that in mind. You can let your stylist know what you are looking for- pants, dresses, a work look? They will help find pieces to suit your needs and styles. Don’t like leopard, but love stripes - you can tell them that too.

Your stylist selects 5 pieces based upon your requests and they get sent to your door. You have 5 days to try-on the pieces in the comfort of your home while considering what it works with in your existing wardrobe. Any items you decide to return can be sent back in the prepaid polymailer that comes in your box. You just drop the package off at your local post office and you’re done! You can check out-online to alert your stylist you are returning or keeping particular items. If you are planning to get another box, this is a great time to provide feedback to help your stylists get to know you better for each and every box you get.

What’s this Cost?

After you have completed your style quiz and signed up for your first box, you will be billed a $25 styling fee. This fee will be deducted from the cost of any item you choose to keep from your mailed selection.

PLUS if you use my code you can get your $25 styling fee waived for your first box!

What Brands Do They Have?

Most of the items Short Story Box provides are either in house or up and coming brands. I had not heard of any of the brands of the items in my box - but the quality was phenomenal.

I was pleased with every item and had a hard time choosing which items to keep! The price range of the items in my box was from $58-$98 which I found quite reasonable and comparable to other boxes on the market.

Am I Stuck with a Subscription?

No way! After you check out your first box, you can let your stylist know when you'd like to receive your next box. Want a new one next month or three months from now - that all works. I also recommend the self scheduled status if you aren't sure when you want your next box - this gives you the option to login to your account any time and let them know you want a box, in the meantime you won't get anything.

What Makes Short Story Different?

Short Story is the first personal styling service focused exclusively on petite women’s fashion, They are a woman-led and serve women who are 5’4” and under, sizes 00P - 18P

Are you ready to give Short Story Box a try? Use this link to get your $25 stylist fee waived!

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