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Transitioning your outfits for FALL

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Happy first day of Autumn! Fall is my favorite season and so much of that joy comes from fall fashion! I love the layers, the warm colors and the cozy pieces we get to reacquaint ourselves with after the hot days of summer begin to fade.

In the early months of Fall we often have a wide range of temperatures and it can be challenging to dress for the weather. Here are some of my favorite ways to take a summer look and make it more fall appropriate. Switching shoes, accessories, colors, skirt lengths and layers are just a few of my favorite things!

As you can see here, I took this summer dress with sandals, straw bag and hat and made it fall ready. The dress has a great color palette for autumn and simply adding a layer with my jean jacket, switching the bag, shoes and hat - waalaa transformation!

Shoes -

Switch out those sandals and wedges for mules, closed toe flats and booties. Just this one change can really help transition a summer look to fall!

Accessories -

Straw bags can be replaced by a cognac tote or cross body. Add a felt or wool fedora or a light scarf to round out the look!

Colors -

If temps are still warm, switching to a more fall toned palette helps to give your summer outfit the fall vibe. Warm rust, olive green, mustard yellow all bring the fall feels, even if it's in a tank!

Skirts/dresses -

Swap the mini skirts and baby doll dresses for midi's and maxi's. Not quite ready to pack away the sundresses - see my next tip!


With weather being so sporadic in the late summer, early fall, layers will be your best friend! Adding a cardi or a moto jacket to a summer dress can easily help it transition. Jean jackets, chambray tops, flannels, light sweaters and cargo jackets all are great for this time of year.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through my links I may earn a small commission. If you purchase through my links, I am so very grateful.

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